AccessACE Classroom Practice Research Circle

Following the AccessACE research of 2007-8 , the Victorian Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board decided to foster a stronger sense of networking amongst practitioners. So here we are .. a circle of people engaged in investigating our professional practice together. Practitioners in Victorian Adult Community Education (ACE) who aim to improve our teaching practice through implementing e-learning in clever and accessible ways.

Full details and insights over on the classroom practice research circle wiki: http://aacp.acfe.vic.edu.au/insight

Participating organisations and individuals

  • Ann Hardingham, CAE
  • Andrea Coghlan, Southern Metro Region
    connect around research
  • Ann Sullivan, Beaufort Community House and Learning Centre
  • Chiemi Jardine, Farnham Street Neighbourhood House
  • Dale Pobega, Duke Street community house
  • Graham Booth, Best Community Development
  • Junita Lyon, Community College East Gippsland
  • Kathryn Matthews, Mt Eliza Village Neighbourhood Centre Inc.
  • Maria Patane, AMES
  • Vicki Griffiths / Sandra Newman, Continuing Education Bendigo Ltd

Progress - September

  • Continued regular live meetings in elluminate.. managing
  • Phone contact via skype for members not attending regularly
  • Continued posting of blog items in the Ning environment
  • a few research plans completed


  • 01_blog_-_dale_free_esl_.jpg
    Dale's free ESL club blog
    Graham Booth from BEST (from Ballarat to Bendigo) is well into trialling a self-paced online-at-a-distance course in microsoft word, using video screencasts.
  • Dale Pobega of Duke Street Sunshine has been using free blogs, video presentations, embedded documents and voiceboards to engage his intermediate ESL learners. Several students have also created their own blog spaces, and Dale keeps activities light and entertaining by building the atmosphere of a live film set.
  • Ann Hardingham from the CAE has been encouraging her VCAL students to use animation and design software to explore options for healthy living.
  • Others like Kathryn Matthews of Mt Eliza and Ann Sullivan from Beaufort community are looking into various ways to foster a sense of community online for people across their organisations.
  • Kathryn Matthews has implemented strategies to overcome her learners' extreme fears of online danger
  • Chiemi and Manrico at Farnham St have worked closely together to develop strategies for evaluating applications such as social networking websites.
  • Andrea Coghlan has been using wikispaces to engage learner groups in the community.
  • Junita Lyon at CCEG has used a range of technologies and web applications (wiki, voicethread, regular blogging, flip video for interviews) to improve connection and reflection amongst her food-handling and hospitality students on work experience.


  • Keeping people together and connected in the circle.
  • Building sense of momentum - structured focus for live sessions, including demonstration of web applications such as voicethread and voxopop.
  • Retain atmosphere of play and learning fun, in context of "research".
  • For practitioners, how to get the balance right between self-paced and social learning, how to engage VCAL learners without appearing to "teach" them, how to engage people in online communities.

Next steps

  • Face-to-face sessions or focussed live web conferencing sessions for some organisations.
  • Continue live sessions in elluminate for the whole group.
  • Find ways to enable participants to present their knowledge to each other.
  • Continue to encourage commenting on each other's blog posts.
  • Move toward presentation of outcomes, framing the final results.

Where to get more information

This is an except from the AccessACE classroom practice wiki at: http://aacp.acfe.vic.edu.au/
You can visit this wiki to get regular updates, or become a member of the ACE social networking space, on Ning at: http://acenetwork.ning.com/

the 4 R's


Communication tools

ACE Network Ning social networking environment
  • store and share resources
  • create knowledge together
  • present our knowledge to the world ..

More about communication tools

Slide presentation about communication tools, with audio track.