Circles of Professional Practice

Towards embedding clever use of ICT in ACE delivery practices

AccessACE_-_the_2007_report_front_page_small.jpgDuring 2007 the ACFE Board funded the AccessACE project to research and then recommend blended learning delivery models for implementation by ACE providers.

The aim of the 2007 AccessACE project was to improve the capacity of ACE Providers to deliver a greater variety of programs to individual learners and small groups in a supportive and flexible manner. In particular, the project aimed to provide opportunities for better integration and embedding of innovative e-learning practices into ACE delivery in order to increase the reach of ACE provision and improve the retention of the ACFE Board’s priority learners in the programs they are studying.

The project methodology involved piloting several delivery programs to individuals and small groups, monitoring learner outcomes and identifying good practice models for the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into program delivery.

Southern Metropolitan Regional (SMR) Council of ACFE was the lead agent for the project and was supported by a project steering group comprised of representatives from ACFE regional offices. A project working group was comprised of individuals with expertise in e-learning, both on state and national levels, as well as, ACE pedagogy and management. The majority of the individuals had significant ICT expertise.

A variety of programs have been developed, delivered and reviewed across all nine ACFE regions. From these programs, ten AccessACE exemplars have been made available for use by ACE Providers as models of integrating flexible and blended learning into current ACE teaching/learning practice.

The exemplars take into account accredited and pre - accredited delivery in a range of ACE Providers both in terms of size, history with ICT enabled teaching and learning and capacity to deliver. Information about these ICT enabled delivery models has been made available to ACE Providers through a special companion site at

The project identified 10 e-learning champions who are championing blended learning in their organisations and in ACE. The champions will be encouraged to mentor participating ACE organisations who will be investigating the models developed by them in stage 1 of the project.

The full impact of the project has been outlined in the final report published in July this year, entitled:

AccessACE: clever uses of ICT in ACE. Lessons learned in blended learning – a guide for managing and teaching.

This report identified some ways forward, which were presented to the Board in 2008. The Board accepted these recommendations and agreed to fund Stage 2 of the project.

Need for stage 2:

This project will further investigate, refine and integrate sustainable models of delivery based on appropriate technology choices as demonstrated in the 10 case studies developed as part of AccessACE stage 1.
It will encourage supportive and productive partnerships in order to meet increasing learner demand for more flexible and accessible learning opportunities across regional boundaries.

This project, Access ACE stage 2 therefore builds on AccessACE stage 1 by utilising the very successful circle of professional practice model to integrate and embed good practice in blended learning as researched and described in the lessons learned project report and the models developed and described in the online support site at .

Primary objectives of stage 2

The stage 2 objectives are aimed to further embed and mainstream the models and lessons learned for stage 1 of the project. This will occur through:

A) The establishment of an ACFE E-learning Circles of Professional Practice that will research, document and implement effective ways to embed ICT skills in strategic planning and management processes. The Circles will comprise a minimum of 18 – 20 participants.

The research will be based on the Clever uses for ICT in ACE report, and will encourage participants to develop strategy plans, action plans and a business case focusing on one of more of the following aspects of the report:

a) Change management
b) Sustainability
c) Embedding innovation
d) Leadership
e) Planning and support
f) Program design
g) Learner reach: data collection

B) The project will also:

1. deliver a one day showcase celebrating e-learning in ACE.

2. conduct an online survey to gauge levels of uptake and satisfaction with e-learning.

You can download the full report entitled:
AccessACE: clever use of ICT in ACE. Lessons learned in blended learning,

For more information, please contact Josie Rose on or phone 9786 9466